Longmont Concrete Coating


If you have a concrete coating project in the Longmont, CO area, your search for a reputable company ends here. Wait no longer and reach out to our experts at NuWave Garages if you need assistance with your Longmont concrete coating services, and we will take care of your specific needs.

Every property owner has unique requirements, and we understand their preferences when they rely upon us for the concrete epoxy coating project.

We have served local property owners with the highest-grade Longmont concrete coating installations and ensure a premium quality finish. Reach out to NuWave Garages if you are looking for a professional to help you with the Longmont concrete coating installations.

Our company has employed a team of experienced and skilled professionals to handle services such as:

  • Removing mastic from concrete
  • Residential polished concrete
  • White polished concrete floors
  • Polished aggregate concrete

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Longmont Concrete Epoxy Coating


You can trust our experts to assess the job and use high-quality tools and techniques to perform the Longmont concrete epoxy coating. Before we begin the Longmont concrete epoxy coating services, we prepare the surface to ensure a smooth finish.

With a smooth surface, you will get the desired results for the concrete epoxy coatings on your floors.

Whether you want to invest in your garage floors or want to enhance the visual appeal of your residence, you can trust us by hiring us to provide Longmont concrete epoxy coating services.

We understand the preferences of local property owners when they discuss their Longmont concrete epoxy coating project requirements. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a professional team to help you with an extensive range of services including:

  • Concrete paint
  • Garage floor paint
  • Epoxy garage floor
  • Epoxy floor paint

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Longmont Concrete Epoxy Coatings


Pouring a new floor with a premium quality finish is challenging, but you can trust us with the Longmont concrete epoxy coatings. Wait no longer, and rest assured of the best quality services when you entrust us with the Longmont concrete epoxy coatings application.

With the professional application of Longmont concrete epoxy coatings, you can expect a long-lasting finish on your floors. Reach out to us for seamlessly pouring new floors with Longmont concrete epoxy coatings. We can help you with your concrete coating project and:

  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete epoxy removal
  • Chemical removal from the floor
  • Improve uneven floors

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